The Greige Warp

Sustainability Rooted in TGW

It is said that it’s tough to make or break a habit. Good habits specially require a lot of
hard work, dedication and faith. One such good habit is of inculcating the state of sustainability to your everyday life.

What is sustainability? Is it The 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse or Recycle)? Yes, this is partially true but the bigger thing to remember and practice is another ‘R’, which refers to Repeat. Repeat your earth friendly actions over and over again, that is, every day, every week and every year.

At TGW we try and keep up this principle. The TGW team is reminded about practicing the ethos on which the brand is built on. Our innovative team is dedicated to mind storm and keep the brand apprised with new doable sustainable options.

Primarily, not only the yarns that are used to manufacture our products are upcycled or
ethically dyed keeping the environment safe. But, also our packaging is done consciously keeping in mind the safety of our home planet. Therefore, we pack them in brightly coloured jute boxes or cloth bag that can be reused as organisers or shopping bags and don’t end up in bins after the shipment is opened.

For gifting, our products, we offer ‘Furoshiki’ a Japanese way of wrapping gifts using a
beautiful fabric, that could be later used to pack future gifts or as a table napkin or even
as kitchen towel.

These weren’t enough reasons to satisfy our founders and co-founders, so they went ahead and got themselves a GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certificate and tied up with an architect that renovated the factory with latest solar energy and has natural cooling architectural design keeping the factory cool even in the scorching heat saving the energy and reducing their carbon footprint substantially. Our dyeing mill by the name Nex Gen Impex Pvt. Ltd., also runs on natural gases instead of fossil fuels.

TGW, reiterates how one can make themselves planet friendly, as, leading a sustainable
based life is a habit that is practiced and shared ahead with everyone.

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