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Joy, lighting diyas, making rangoli, hanging torans, spending quality time with the loved ones and eating lots of sweets are some of the things that makes up Diwali celebrations the favourite time of the year. If we celebrate Diwali the traditional way nowhere creating waste or noise has made to the list, then how come it has become the gigantic part of the festival season of lately? The question to ponder on is how to make these celebrations eco-friendly and yet memorable and joyous. Should we stop eating the sweets packed in the cardboard box and wrapped with colored cling foils or should we stop exchanging gifts that create tons and tons of waste that ends up in our riverbeds or makes our landfills taller and taller? We certainly don’t promise our upcoming generations dirty water, land, or air. They too deserve the legacy of clean environment and rich heritage. Below, are some of the mindful approach that one can follow to celebrate India’s grand festival season.

1. Gifting Green

The simplest resort to be environment friendly is to plant greens. An option can be planting some green around your home, this doesn’t only make your space look classy but also you are sending a message to your little ones at home the importance of plants and trees around us. We at the TGW not only believe in using yarns that are planet friendly but every year we include a personalized notes to our customers written on plantable papers that can be sown in an earthen pot, it’s really that easy!!

2. Diwali like Old Times

Remember the way our granny’s used to make variety of sweets and savouries at home and prepare it so many days in advance. This Diwali let’s celebrate the festival like old times and get our hands on cooking with the whole family and bond with each other. Let’s not restrict us to food alone, we should also look at making rangolis, painting diyas and crafting torans like a creative team and make some beautiful memories to cherish forever.

3. No to Firecrackers and a big Yes to Diyas

Don’t fall for any marketing gimmick of cracker sellers saying that they have eco-friendly crackers or green crackers. As the truth remains there is no such thing, so the only solution is to say a strict no to firecrackers. Once you have done that turn your face and efforts towards empowering the Indian handicrafts and small cottage industries as the diyas are not only eco-friendly, but they also give the much-needed push to the local handicraft market.

4. Keep the Needy People in your Thoughts

We all clean our homes and make them festive ready before the grand event, so while you are at it, remember to collect all the clothes, utensils and other important household things that are not required anymore and pile them together and donate it to people who needs them most. Also, remember your daily support system your domestic staff, people who collect garbage for you, people who bring your parcels, do keep a small giveaway to bring a smile on their overworked faces. Afterall, it’s a festival of giving and spreading joy and light around us.

5. Mindful Shopping

We all get into the mood of the most awaited festival and shop, keeping a few points in mind like promoting local artisans, handicrafts and making better choices by choosing sustainable products and packaging can go a long way. Every year thousands of tons of waste is created during Diwali due to the packaging of the gifts and parcels. One right choice of choosing the right product can avoid hampering our nature. At TGW we not only use the most sustainable yarns but also take care the way we pack and send it off to you. The packaging stuff won’t end up in the bins or landfills but spruce up the corner of your home or workplace reminding about the correct choice you made for your home planet.

By Choosing the right path to move on would not only make the celebrations grander but the satisfaction that it would bring cannot be expressed, so are you ready to celebrate Diwali the sustainable way or in a nutshell the TGW way!!

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