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How to Décor Small Spaces Elegantly

We all have that one petite room in our home that we can’t decide how to decorate. Should it have a dedicated theme? Or should it have a piece of every other room? Well, the marathon of thoughts would go on, conversely challenging it is to decorate a tiny room, it is also the most pleasurable segment of doing your home. There is nothing more inviting after a long day than a cosy book nook or relaxing meditating space, a small den to have friends to wine and dine or just binge on television. We have put together some key points to keep in mind to be triumphant in the project small space and make it appear opulent.


Keeping a consistent colour scheme is a trick that comes in handy while doing small spaces. Whatever you may choose, be it neutrals for oh! so sophisticated look or bright for wow! how dramatic! look, maintaining uniformity will give a sparkling overall appearance to the room making it look grander and beguiling. TGW offers a wide range of products that can be used as a collection. Try the Ankareeda collection for a classic monochrome theme or Saanjh for playful sight.


Sometimes just to make a space lively we need a bit of our personality reflected in our space. So that teeny room of yours is a perfect place to experiment around. Accent cushions can be used to portray oneself and is a great tool to be distinguished from others. These cushions will not only break the monotony but would give a personal signature look to your room too. In our new collection at The Greige Warp, we have a variety of these beautiful cushions that can go fit in as a part of the whole room or be unique and stand out, either way, it's a win-win situation for you and the space looks enthralling.


When the space is restricted, then there is no better resort than flexible seating. Floor mattresses, floor cushions, day beds with pouffes or low stools etcetera can be used to get a bohemian look for your den. This way it will add multiple seating and you can host bigger gatherings. As against, when the space belongs to you alone it can be amputated or repositioned giving you privacy.


The mantra that goes while doing small space is simply less is more. Select rugs and carpets that don’t cover up the whole floor, rather the size should be such that it accentuates the flooring. This way the focus goes on the art piece in form of the rug and space limitation goes unnoticed.


Small spaces tend to get cluttered easily. So, while you renovate the small space choose furniture with storage and have big windows installed so that abundance of light can make its way in giving the room a bigger look. But most importantly use natural fabrics like cotton, jute, silk etc. as these fabrics give a fresh look even after years of use and are planet friendly just like us 


Hope, this article would help you get some insights for doing up your little room which is in no way a small project! Lastly, do share your comments below or send us pictures of your small room using our products and email them to us at

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