The Greige Warp


Winters are the time to laze around, sip lots of hot chocolate, get cozy, and enjoy the warmth of our beautiful homes. As the mercury drops outside, you can welcome warmth into your home with the help of the below guide to winter decorations.


During the onset of winter as we adorn warm cozy woollens, it’s only fair to do the same for our floors too. Covering them with carpets and rugs will cover the cold floors and exude warmth to the room. Place it on the floor, covering it completely or push it partially under the furniture. Either way, they would make the room instantly inviting and would help toast chilly toes while relaxing aiding in warmth and comfort.


Just like clothing, winters are the ideal time to layer up for home décor as well. Throws on the couch or on the beds could be used to layer up the furniture. Not only do they level up the room's aesthetics, but they are also great to give warmth while reading your fav book or binging on OTT platforms. Just like, layering on our sweater, adds up our fashion quotient, layering with a nice throw adds dimension to our old furniture and brings out a new look to the whole room. An easy resort is to layer up some extra throw pillows for a quick home décor update. You may use patterns, textures, or prints to compliment the furniture or flooring. Natural fabrics like cotton are not only eco-friendly but, could be used all year round. As cotton has this natural trait of giving warmth during biting winters and aids in soothing us during sweltering summers. Pushing us a tad more towards buying our natural fabric based handwoven products.


Like water is to desert, the sun is to winters. It’s always essential to let abundance of sun in your homes for a few hours daily. Not only, do the homes soak up the warmth throughout the day making the nights cozy, but the natural light also brings the furniture and the soft furnishing to life.


Choosing the right drapes is essential for winters, as they must serve the dual purpose of letting sun rays in during the day and keeping nights warm and cozy. Thus, layering the heavy curtains with sheer curtains looks appealing to the eyes and serves the purpose. One can also mix and match curtains and blinds in the rooms to add texture to the room.


Although, décor and accessories can take up the majority of the home décor towards cozying up your home, for that extra touch it is essential to fill in your abode with the smells of the season. A potpourri bowl in wintry fragrance, pines or a basket of cinnamon can do the trick here. The fragrance arrangement can be showcased as a table centerpiece or on top of the mantel.

Winters can make the landscapes bleak and showcase a depressing ambience, but with the help of the above tips, in addition to indoor plants and candles, winters could be a happy season filled with cheer and joy!

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