Order in Chaos Runner

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Walk into the city and you are suddenly caught in an episode of sensory overload. Sweet incense lingers in the air, wafting from the many, ancient temples only periodically broken by the scent of hot fried snacks that’ll make your mouth water. There are rickshaws and cars and cows and people and hermits and travellers – and they are all there – at the same time, like being part of a big country fair only that it is not.

The story, however, changes completely as you reach the ghats. You sit on the old stairs, on which many a weary soul must have sung the saga of their lives, and the chaos somehow gets muffled. 80 ghats line the old Ganges and each unfurls a different style of architecture. Look around and you’ll see gorgeous pillared balconies, intricate jali work, meticulously carved niches and forgotten pillars on a forgotten porch, now hugged by moss and creepers. There is nothing new about Banaras and that is the most beautiful thing!

In our new collection “Banaras” we have tried to encapsulate everything we saw, felt and experienced through our travels across the ghats and wove the essence of the city in a line that reminds us of our glorious past. And true to its essence, our collection too- with its many details- harmoniously falls into a design that when placed in a space, looks calm and serene.

“Order in Chaos”. That is what we thought would best describe our colourful, woven to perfection accent runner from the Banaras collection that is inspired by the hustle and bustle of the main city.

  • Size – 35 x 180 cms
  • Composition – recycled silk yarn with cotton
  • Technique: handwoven, hand stitched with handwork
  • Care – Dry-clean only
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