Fika Flower Lumbar Cushion Cover

SKU: TGW130055



The festive collection, Fika which brings the global aesthetics to our homes. The name FIKA is derived from Swedish culture which is a concept, a state of mind and an attitude which means making time for family and friends to share sweets, but the designs in the collection are a fusion of Indian contemporary paisleys. The colours and the motifs are designed to intensify the looks of your homes and give a genial feeling. Fika will let you slow down and appreciate the good things in life.

This FIKA piece is a decorative cushion and purloins the heed. The cushion is a beautiful print of Jacobean blooms featuring the fringe lace and tassels on the corners. This article does not include filler.

  • Composition – 100% Cotton
  • Size – 30×50 cms
  • Care – Gentle warm machine wash with like colours OR dry-clean
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