Entwine Cushion Cover

SKU: TGW130074



Back to nature collection has been inspired from the lastest trend of eco style. The collection promotes Repurpose, Rewild, Reinforce and Revive of resources. The collection holds a message that’s ‘taking steps, small and big, to not create a zone that define you but to create a you that defines the collection.

The spring collection starts 2021 with continuance.

This back to nature cushion is a hand woven cushion. This astounding entwine cushion is formed with a fusion of honeydew hues moulded with natural yarn in plain weave with loops of balmy hues, it is  a part of back to nature collection. This article does not include filler.

  • Composition – 100% Cotton
  • Size – 30 x 50 cms
  • Care – Gentle warm hand wash with like colours OR dry-clean
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