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Atrisuta: Our new linen line is an ode to our beliefs, culture and sustainability

Atrisuta has a meaning that promptly describes not just the essence of our latest collection but also, the reason behind the name itself. Denoting subtlety, vibrancy and of course, celebration that the coming months will bring with them, Atrisuta or the heir of culture, as a collection speaks of our own glorious culture, and collectively takes us through the nostalgic labyrinth, to our roots. And while keeping the cultural aspect close, we kept our strong, untethered values of sustainability closer.

A good design decision makes everyone happy

Unlike all our designs, which specifically starts with an initial idea on paper, Atrisuta started with a thought. A leap of faith. We wanted to make a happy collection that is truly ethical and we worked backwards for this!

Surplus yarns of production units are often discarded, routinely, which contributes to landfill. These yarns, though regarded as ‘extra’ until the fashion comes back, are just as fine and the feel of the final products is proof enough of that!.
We first went ahead and procured discarded yarns and recyclable cotton. Then, we matched these stocks- sometimes for days with various combinations- to create pieces that gave us unparalleled joy. This is Atrisuta for you- a collection that you and I love today. This collection is truly an extension of our beliefs.

God is in the details

Intricate detailing, clean geometric patterns, colourful weave over creamy whites – the Atrisuta collection is easy on the eyes and a delight for the soul. And while we worked with a very traditional color palette of crimson, smoke blue, ochre, dark beige and cream, our collection is meticulously crafted for spaces of today! Look from a distance and it has the most soothing demeanour. Look closely and you’ll find our signature details, tufting and weaves, making it a collection that makes your everyday special.
To put it simply, The Atrisuta collection fits in that small circle on the venn diagram where every day decor meets special occasions. And we welcome you to browse through the pieces and bring home a touch of sustainable culture.

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