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Mattress Maintenance –
Stylish, vibrant, fun yet comfortable is what best describes our floor mattresses and bobs. They come
in a range of prints, colours, sizes and fabrics and are sure to spruce up any dull corner of your home
or workplace. No wonder they are everyone’s favourite! Maintaining these is a breeze too, just a few
simple practices and your mattress would be forever new.

01. Lint & Cotton

It is natural for lint to occur on cotton. Since TGW believe in a strong sustainability policy our products are made of natural fibres. Be it corduroy or velvet, they are cent per cent cotton. Lint on these natural fibre surfaces naturally, one doesn’t need to be worried as it’s a natural phenomenon. You can simply lightly brush it off or use tape and all the lint would get stuck to the tape. It's easy and economical too.

02. Show Some Sun

It is important to put the mattress in sun once in a while for a couple of hours to maintain its freshness and avoid any moisture build-up. This could be done once in 3 months and the mattress would be good to go.

03. Pat It

The mattress is handcrafted with love, it is also hand filled. Thus maintaining its shape is super easy, just pat it with your hand. Also, to avoid pressing from the same side over and over again, just rotate it and flip it half-yearly.

04. Spot Clean

The mattress may get soiled or stained, you can simply spot-clean it. Also, we recommend vacuum cleaning using the upholstery attachment of the vacuum cleaner.

These handcrafted & hand filled pieces of art not only would make your homes beautiful but are so simple to maintain!

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